Be The Controller Downloads :


Pose and Gesture Generator :

A windows application, which allows a developer to create a list of poses and gestures that he want to recognize in his application, using an easy to use graphic interface.

Be The Controller library :

A library (dll file) which provides the infrastructure to the developer of an application to recognize the set of poses and gestures he created with the Pose And Gesture Generator project.

Programming Guide for : Be The Controller Project :

A detail guide to installing, configuring, and beginning to use the "Be The Controller tool kit" to build applications


A sample code developed with xna and c# to demonstrate the use of the BeTheController.dll

BeTheController-App :

A windows application  that converts the return value of the pose/gesture generate by PoseAndGestureGenerator to keyboard/mouse events

How to use :
1. Generate the poses and gestures you want to track and in the return value field put the key event you want.(a table with the value for special key and mouse key is available in the BeTheController-App.rar)
2. Save the Poses list as Poses.pbtc and Gestures list as Gestures.gbtc and make sure that are in BeTheController App directory.
3. Run the BeTheControllerApp.exe