Bethecontroller.exe performance

11 years 11 months ago #110 by 7mani
I've been trying the bethecontroller for some time now, as much as i loved the experience i feel that more improvements can be done. ive been programming at some kinect project at so i feel i can be of help in this project as well. Are all the sources closed or are some of the tools open sourced so i can try to improve the accuracy and responsiveness. Your copy rights won't be touched and will be kept safe. ( voice recognition would do wonders! )

Thank u
Waiting for ur reply
Best Regards 7mani

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11 years 9 months ago #128 by Nick Hadjiminas

Sorry for being inactive the last weeks but I had some things to catch up. I am planning to rebuild the project in a native language (c++) and made it independent from kinect sdk so it can be used with openni and other controllers. I opened a threaded for suggestions and things you want to see in the new version Link .


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